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Advanced Mathematics I

Course Syllabus
Lecture Notes No.1 , [2017-10-10]
Lecture Notes No.2 , [2017-10-23]
Lecture Notes No.3 , [2017-11-25]
Lecture Notes No.4 , [2017-11-28]
Lecture Notes No.5 , [2017-12-04]
Lecture Notes No.6 , [2017-12-19]
Assignment No.2 , Grading , [2017-10-21]
Assignment No.3 , Grading , [2017-10-21]
Assignment No.4 , Grading , [2017-11-13]
Assignment No.5 , Grading , [2017-11-21]
Assignment No.6 , Grading , [2017-12-04]
Assignment No.7 , Grading , [2017-12-19]
Assignment No.8 , Grading , [2017-12-19]
Sample Papers
Maple Files
Final Grades

Level: Graduate, Credits: 3
Hours: Saturday, Monday, 12:00-13:30PM
Location: AE 2

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Course Description

This advanced course introduces students of engineering to various mathematical techniques which are necessary in order to solve practical problems. Topics covered include a review of ordinary and partial differential equation, elements of probability and perturbation theory. Examples and case studies focus on applications of heat conduction and fluid mechanics disciplines. The intended audiences for this course are advanced seniors and entering MSc engineering students who desire strengthening of their fundamental mathematical skills in preparation for advanced studies and research.

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