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Thermodynamics II

Course Syllabus
Assignment No.1 , Grading
Project No.1 , Grading
Midterm , Grading
Final Grading

Level: Undergraduate, Credits: 3
Hours: Saturday, Monday, 15:00-16:30AM
Location: AE 2

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Course Description

Thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer form an important branch of mechanical engineering call thermal fluid. Thermodynamics is the science of energy and of its conversion to and from mechanical energy. It usually deals with an ensemble of macroscopic thermodynamic processes, whereas fluid mechanics and heat transfer deal with the details of each of these processes.
A good comprehension of the various thermodynamic processes is essential to the practice of engineering. A quick look around will convince you that these processes are omnipresent in our modern society: refrigerators, the power cycle in all sort of power plant, the thermal processes present in a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
This thermodynamics course is the second one you will encounter during your undergraduate study in aerospace engineering. The first course dealt with the fundamentals of thermodynamics, the properties, states, processes and cycles encountered in engineering and with the laws necessary to understand them. During this course, we will build on these concepts in order to be more deeply into the various thermodynamic processes and focus on applied systems.
Midterm will be held on two last weeks of Aban. All exams are open book in which only the hard-copy textbook may be consulted (with one page of formulas or note sheet- letter size, both sides). These exams include two parts. The first part is conceptual, consists of short questions. The second which is the main part, students should solve the problems in detail.

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